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The Aviary, proud home of Longslice Brewery

The Aviary Brewpub, proud home of Longslice Brewery.

Longslice Brewery & The Dock Ellis Sports Bar teamed up in 2018 to create the go-to destination in Toronto’s Canary District: The Aviary.

Why did we name our brewpub The Aviary you ask? It was our homage to the Canary District by having a place of gathering for the community. The Canary District itself was named after the famed Canary Restaurant which ran from the 1960’s until 2007 at the corner of Front Street East and Cherry Street. The building itself dates back to 1859.

The Aviary is a fun, community focused sports bar with award-winning beers by Longslice Brewery brewed on site! The Aviary loves four things: Sports, Community, Amazing Grub and Craft Beer. Check our food menu, drinks, and beers freshly brewed by Longslice Brewery.

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Our story, a longtime friendship.

The Aviary is the story of a longtime friendship between Longslice Brewery & The Dock Ellis Sports Bar and their dream to open a brewpub together. After a long search, they discovered the Canary District. Formally The Athlete's Village for the 2015 Pan American Games and 10-minutes walking distance from the Historic Distillery District of Toronto, they knew they had found the perfect spot to build their dream: The Aviary brewpub and Longslice Brewery.

The Aviary is full of nostalgia from the collection of childhood sports toys gifted by customers and staff members to items reminiscent of the 80's and 90's.

The Aviary is the ideal place to watch sports, enjoy a craft beer and some food, or just share fun times with friends and family. We organize regular and seasonal events as well as play all major sports games on our TVs. If you want to know more click the button below.

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Amazing Grub & Longslice Brewery Beers

The Aviary wants everyone to feel welcomed and offers a variety of tasty pub food, including burgers, sandwiches, and snacks. Vegetarian options are available and we offer daily and lunch specials. Check out our menu to see our current specials.

The Aviary offers freshly brewed Longslice Brewery beers on tap. Most days, you can see our Brewmaster and team brew and package beer on-site. On brew days, the brewpub is filled with the wonderful aromas of grains, hops and fruits depending on what beer is being brewed.

Longslice Brewery has been around since 2014 and is known for award winning beers, fun brands, creative flavours, and entertaining DIY videos on social media.

Longslice Brewery

The Founders of The Aviary

Front row: Sebastian Lesch (Longslice Brewery), Veronica Lesch (Longslice Brewery), John Peat (Longslice Brewery)

Second row: Jimmy Peat (Longslice Brewery), Callum Woods (The Dock Ellis), Andrew Kaiser (The Dock Ellis)

Drink Beer. Eat Food. Earn Rewards.

You can earn points by eating food, drinking beers or buying from the Longslice Brewery bottle shop! To sign up, just click on the button below and complete the Google form. Then every time you dine-in or make purchases at our retail shop, you can earn rewards.

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